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In 1990 I was home birthed in a 2nd floor studio flat on 6 Lee Street, Kings Cross, London.  It was just my Mum and me for awhile. The man who lived above us was head of marketing for Penguin biscuit - so I got to eat a lot of them.  I spent most of childhood and adolescence living in Bristol. I started teaching myself guitar at 13. My dad had always tried to get me to learn, of course, it took idolising Red Hot Chilli Peppers to get me pumped about it.  I became quite a hippy for awhile. Then after leaving school I travelled around India, I realised for the first time that the UK/Europe wasn't the only way to do things - and life was quite chaotic elsewhere. I collaborated with some friends, devising a version of Pandora's box. I got into RADA on my second attempt, later winning the Spotlight Prize at the end of my final year. I had some roles in TV shows. Black Mirror. Poldark. Will. The Hollow Crown. They were interspersed between being in Romeo and Juliet, twice! I played Romeo at the Globe Theatre, which was an epic experience. and then later, Friar Lawrence with Kenneth Branagh's Company at the Garrick. They were stark contrasts in style. I enjoyed them both very much. Later I did an adaptation of Don Carlos and performed in Richard Eyre's version of The Stepmother. I'm now between Bristol, London and Colombia, where my partner is from. Making music, building and acting. You made it all the way here. That's impressive. I'd love to hear from you. Feel like CONTACTING me? Do so.