• Samuel Valentine

journal #1. why I'm blogging.

Updated: May 25, 2019

So far I've only used this website as an advert for myself and my acting career, which sucked. I find self promotion of any sort difficult, because I'm scared of being criticised; my work is personal, sharing that makes me vulnerable. I'm going to treat this website as a space for my thoughts and art. Uploading and sharing as things come to me. I don't expect anyone to read, listen or take any of it in, in fact I'm going to, more or less, try and forget that anyone will stumble across it. I'm ready to share my work...in this back alley.

I've been through some growing up recently and lots of change and want to put my work somewhere it can be, potentially be absorbed, somewhere I can look back and reflect on what I was doing, how I was.