• Samuel Valentine

journal #2. london in april/may

Updated: May 25, 2019

It's been a full couple of months. Lots of quality time spent on my own, reading, meditating and keeping a journal every day. I've been lonely sometimes, but also felt very alive and happy in others, feelings have generally been intense and acute, thanks to the meditation I've been able to sit quietly when the internal storms happen and they generally dissipate within a short time. Life seems wide open for me right now.

I was involved in the Extinction Rebellion protests which we're life affirming and grounding. Especially after the break up. I got arrested on Waterloo Bridge and was taken to Wembley Police Station, I await to see how that develops.

I've handed in my notice at The Arch Climbing Wall and am going to Austria to take part in some ceremonies and witness my dear friend Helmut's wedding. I met Helmut when I was 18 in India. He lives in Columbia most of the year. I've considered going to live in Columbia for years now, seriously feeling now might be the time.

I want to come back from Austria to complete my motorcycle tests. Once I have passed those I'll see where I'm at.

Touring the UK and Europe on a motorcycle is appealing to me too.

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