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journal #3 Vienna & Alps wedding

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

For various reason I found my self inert and vaguely depressed in London, struggling to know what do, but knowing in my stomach that something had to be done, I answered a beckoning and rather irresistible call from a distant friend. In my classic style, this meant a swift reshuffle of my life and the making of my way to Vienna (assuaging my flying climate guilt by paying extra to offset the carbon here https://www.myclimate.org/).

I met Helmi in the Himalayas in 2010. I had been travelling for two months or so with a friend from primary school; Max, but had decided I wanted to go it alone for last few weeks of my adventure. Max and I parted ways in a cafe/bedsit that overlooked the Darjeeling mountains. The sun has a habit of beating through the thick fog there, creating an intensely mysterious and magical atmosphere, I remember thinking at the time "I totally understand why Buddhism is so strong in these parts...how could one not ponder the questions of existence waking up to those views every morning?".

Max had departed down the mountain thirty minutes prior and I had been enjoying a book, wondering what would happen next. I fancied smoking a spliff (we had been enjoying near constant fuzziness the past couple of weeks) so I asked a couple of guys at a nearby table if they had a lighter and if they´d like to join me, they did indeed want to join...so ensued a wondrous adventure with Helmi and Clemence. The highlight of this time was a three day trek through the mountains of Sikkim. The last few hours of which we took some acid as we descended through the sun swept clouds, an indescribable beauty and communion with nature - the first of these experiences in my life. So began also, a brotherhood between Helmi and I, which has brought me to this entry.

Needless to say these past three weeks in Vienna have been extraordinary. I have partaken in deep ceremonial healing, been slammed by ice cold water under a epic rainbow waterfall, witnessed a wedding like no other on top of a mountain, sung barefoot in the Alps, enjoyed the the finest tastes in a hot Austrian sun, gone deep into conversations with a new found family, improved my Spanish and found a direction and a purpose: to make and share my music and talent with the world, without fear.

Who knows whether I´ll stick to it but I´m currently planning to be in Hawaii in July-August as I´ve been invited by my friends Justin and Claire (they have the cutest little two year old, Bodhi), then Canada, then begins my South American travels, learning Spanish for two or three weeks in a school in Columbia, then..who knows?

I fly back to the UK soon to tend to my family and friends there and to sort some logistical things out. Perhaps go and see my ex-girlfriends play in Chichester.

love and light. Sam

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